Blue Poppy

April 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This past Saturday, I attended a photo workshop at Longwood Gardens.  The workshop was to Master Depth of Field.  But unless you are one of those extremely brilliant people who have a strong talent and technical mastering of the camera, I find I cannot seem to master much of anything even over years and years of practice.  Perhaps it’s because I tend to always look for flaws so that I can improve or learn, or perhaps I’m too critical.  Whatever the case may be, I took the challenge and wanted to shoot at the same settings varying only the f/stop to change the area of the subject that was in focus.  

The first setting I used was f/2.8 at 100 ISO, 1/100 second, using a 60mm macro lens.  As you can see, only a small area of the flower is in focus.

The next shot I took on f/8, 100 ISO, 1/13 second with 60mm macro lens.  This one had a much larger area of sharpness throughout the subject.  You can see sharpness in the lines of the flower petals and the flower overall is much sharper than when shooting at a wide open aperture such as f/2.8.  Even at f/8 the background of the flower is still out of focus.  Had I further increased my aperture to f/16 or f/22 I would have gotten a larger area in focus.  I stopped at f/8 because there was a slight breeze and I did not want to increase the ISO higher to compensate for the slower shutter speed.  I do wish I had just increased the ISO and taken more time with this lesson as I really love the composition and detail displayed in this blue poppy in full bloom.

Enjoy the spring and all the flowers that will soon bloom!


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