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In the lakes of Northeastern PA there are bald eagles who migrate here during the winter season when their northern habitat of Canada is frozen and they can no longer fish due to the ice on the waters where they feed.  I was happy to hear of the place from a friend of mine and I wanted to go there, but I wanted to get a great shot of the eagles.  I knew with only my Canon 7D and my 270mm Tamron lens I would not get close enough to the subject to get a great shot.  This place was only an hour and a half from my place, and I really wanted to get a bigger lens, so I rented a lens from a local camera shop and off I went with my 600mm lens. 

I mapped out my trip, talked to my friend who had been there before, and off I went.  I left the house about 5:30am, getting me there around 7:00am.  As I was searching for where to start looking, I was driving toward the bridge and spotted my first bald eagle flying away from the Delaware River towards the land to my right.  The wing span was large, amazingly their wing span can be up to about 6 feet.  It is really a sight to see!  I spotted another eagle flying, and I spotted one sitting in a tree.  I was so excited as here I was witnessing this majestic bird that has long been a symbol of our country and the freedom which is so near and dear to all our hearts flying in PA my home state! 

Later, I traveled about 20 minutes to another viewing site where the eagles were seen in the past few days, and saw them flying around and keeping a watchful eye on the waters for food.  I had a chance to get just a few good shots but the distance was still far.  Though I was able to see them diving from across the road, I was not at a vantage point where I could have gotten the shots. 

I plan on re-visiting this place, as it was a really special experience to witness these eagles flying and fishing! 




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